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Moss and Algae Control

Moss and algae control

The long-associated problems of slippery paths and walkways can now be resolved by our moss and algae division.

Our specialist chemical-free processes treats all affected areas, killing the moss and algae down to the root.

Following the moss and algae treatment, our mechanical sweep system then removes the moss and algae which ensures that the paths and walkways are left looking fully restored, completely free from dangerous and slippery hazards and with full traction restored.

During the year we continue to treat the paths with our chemical-free service, this ensures that problem areas are safely maintained and hazard-free, resulting in moss and algae-free paths and walkways.

Ecoweed can remove moss and algae from buildings, walls and many other structures, using our soft washing technology.

Ideal for paths and roads where moss, weed, and grass have overgrown onto the surface, using our state-of-the-art equipment we can safely and quickly remove and restore the edge again.

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