Japanese Knotweed Control

Japanese knotweed (Japonica fallopia)

This invasive and non-native weed is considered a nuisance because plants can regrow from tiny root rhizomes fragments. This make it difficult to eradicate unless appropriately treated by a Japanese knotweed specialist such as ecoweed.

As many property owners unfortunately discover, Japanese knotweed has the ability to displace solid substrates such as tarmac, concrete, patios and walls, causing extensive damage as well as being unsightly and rapidly able to spread.

Japanese knotweed reduces species diversity due to its rapid growth and rhizome root system, During its growing period it can grow as much as 10cm a day which can be particularly problematic on riverbanks where Japanese knotweed can impact on flood defences, especially when the plant dies off.

As many people are aware, homeowners and landowners have a legal obligation to prevent the spread of Japanese knotweed to neighbouring properties. Without involving a Japanese knotweed specialist such as ecoweed, however, it is incredibly difficult to prevent the weeds from spreading.

Treatment of Waterside Knotweed

ecoweed’s specialist Japanese knotweed reduction treatment program can safely be used on any waterside as no chemicals are used. As a result, our processes are completely environmentally friendly and sustainable.

It is recommended that Japanese knotweed treatment should commence in early Spring. If treated properly, a reduction of 30% can be achieved in year one, two and three, with a maintenance reduction and monitoring program provided to give you piece of mind that the remaining plants are under control.

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