Giant Hogweed Control

Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)

Although this is an impressive looking plant when fully grown, giant hogweed is a non-native invasive plant which forms dense strands. These unfortunately have a significant impact on the natural environment by reducing species diversity, with each plant having the ability to produce up to 20,000 seeds!

Giant hogweed plants also produce a phytotoxic sap which, combined with UV radiation, poses a health risks by causing skin burns.

ecoweed’s hot water treatment is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to treat and reduce the giant hogweed. 

ecoweed can achieve a 90% reduction in the first year of treatment with the ideal treatment start time being early Spring.

A 3-year treatment program is recommended with careful monitoring to deplete the seed bank for up to 7 years.

Small seedlings are leaf treated with above ground, larger mature plants, being root and leaf treated. This treatment has the added advantage of reducing the health risks as the hot water renders the sap safe.

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