Crassula Helmsii is an invasive non-native aquatic plant which grown in a variety of habitats including ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals, and ditches, it can take on various growth forms such as submerged in up to 3m of water, emergent is waters less than 0.6 m and semi terrestrial species on damp ground , because plants can regrow from tiny root fragments it can spread easily and this makes it difficult to eradicate.

Its presence reduces plant species diversity due to its rapid growth and it is winter hardy so it has the ability to outcompete and displace native species which typically die back in winter, dense mats create a poor ecosystem for invertebrates, amphibians and fish, also it causes severe fluctuations in dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

ecoweed reduction treatment program can safely be used as no chemicals and it is completely environmentally friendly and sustainable, early detection is key and ensure treatment is commenced as soon as possible, a long term maintenance reduction and monorturing program would be implemented to reduce the plant and keep the species under control.

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